9 June 2012

MAC Hey, Sailor! Launch + Random Chat :D

Helloooo guys! Sorry for not updating my blog. I've been busy with (quite a lot) of some stuffs (and although I have finished my FYP also :p). Yeah including preparing for my graduation show which I've attached the photo below! XD and looking for some jobs recently, as well as arranging my portfolio and make a website for it. So stay tuned! x)

Last Friday I was invited to MAC Hey, Sailor! Launch party at Raffles City and I brought Joyce along with me haha! It was soooo crowded, we came a little bit late and the queue was omg! I like this summer limited series more compare to the previous years. I think it is so hipster and the graphics are so nice! (Sorry I'm a graphic designer so that's my first point oh lol). I personally like nautical and navy color scheme as well :p. Okay now to the collections!

Hey, Sailor!

Yeap as you can see there some of their things are sold out fast! Wow!
I do like the blushes, but I refused to buy them as I already have tons of blush in my stash. The lippies are nice too! And so sorry I have no time to swatch all because it was so crowded! O:

So what did I buy?
A red lip liner!

Throw Me a Line!

It is really nice, especially for those who have a dry lips like me haha. I like the red, it is not too red nor orange and it really defines my lips! I'm so happy that I bought this yeay 8D.

Here is my FOTD with the my new lip liner and I top it with MAC Cockney lipstick:

Hello 8D

And some photos from the launch party:


we got ourselves nice tattoos during the launch!

Joyce and me :3 we dress up nautically lol!

Ok I have some other stuffs that I want to share with you guys 8D First is...

L'arc~en~ciel concert on last May!
I'm a big fan of the band since I was in secondary (or even primary) school! And watching their concert live is one of my bucket list. It was TICKED last May! 8D8D8D8D


I went there with my classmate, Jia Jun, in the middle of my hectic FYP haha. It was an awesome night and I am so happy that I can't even express it 8D. And I wish they would like to come here again for another concert arghhhh >w<.

waiting for Hyde uh-oh!

Ups you can see my face was so...... ok I don't know how to say. I was very busy that time that I didn't have time to dress up and make up (my eye bag tells everything O__O). 

We signed on the banner yey!

and a polaroid!


Ok second is my graduation show!

Yeah that is my FYP also (: I made a breakup treatment kit haha!

Ok, thanks for reading guys!
Have an awesome weekend ahead (:


18 April 2012

Quick Update: April BellaBox!

Hello guys!
Sorry for not updating often ;A;A; few more weeks to my FYP submission okie hiks!
But this is just a quick update so that my blog won't look so boring hahahaha 8D

OK, so
Just now I received the April BellaBox !
and yeah Singapore finally has it! (because mostly I saw in Aussie's blogger post about that and feel so... argh.. tempted ;A;)
Yeah you know the feeling of receiving something, is just like a surprisee haha even I know already what is inside sometimes lol
 And I guess I do not need to explain further what is BellaBox right? hehe
If you are interested in subscribing it, just click here


And what is inside? Their 'theme' for this month is Flawless Beauty.
erm sorry for the bad pics ;A;

1.  Enavose H2Osis Black Tea Quench Mask
2. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation
3. Lemongrass House Shower Gell
4. Ahava hydrate essential moisturizer
5. Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink

Besides all those, I received some spa and brow shaping voucher 8D wow! (After FYP present? haha)

Back to work :p


2 April 2012

LUSH haul

Hello guys! Hows your weekend? Hope you had a great time (:
As for me, I'm still in the midst of rushing on my projects (okie I dunno why I got time to post, but just take it as a break time lol)
So two days ago after my Friday working out routine, I wandered around Orchard and stopped by at Lush store 8D
I really planned not to buy anything, but the SA is super friendly and she kept recommend me a lot of stuffs ;A; As for the Lush products, I've tried before their solid shampoo back in Indo and Ayesha face mask. I really love them, not only they are good, but also natural and environmentally friendly :D:D

So here are my buys~

Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask
1. Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask
I have a super oily skin, and the SA recommended me this 8D And the name! This just reminds me of Joyce and I's final project XD I've tried it twice and so far so goood. It has a nice smell as it contains blueberry (: The downside is a fast expiry date, like about 1 month? The SA did mention that if you cannot finish it, then you can use it as foot mask. Wow 8D Rate: 4.5/5  (Perhaps I should buy more? Maybe my next buy is Cupcake :D)

Grease Lightning Tea Tree Spot Treatment

2. Grease Lightning Tea Tree Spot Treatment
A spot treatment that comes in a gel form. It contains tea tree, thyme, rosemary, and aloe vera so it smells very soothing and relaxing =w= haha! I've tried it few times and it is great! Haven see much improvement on the spots though, as I don't have much also. But I guess this one is good for prevention as well? Just apply it with your finger after your moisturizer x) Rate: 4/5

Alright, thanks for reading!
Happy (early) Easter! :D