9 June 2012

MAC Hey, Sailor! Launch + Random Chat :D

Helloooo guys! Sorry for not updating my blog. I've been busy with (quite a lot) of some stuffs (and although I have finished my FYP also :p). Yeah including preparing for my graduation show which I've attached the photo below! XD and looking for some jobs recently, as well as arranging my portfolio and make a website for it. So stay tuned! x)

Last Friday I was invited to MAC Hey, Sailor! Launch party at Raffles City and I brought Joyce along with me haha! It was soooo crowded, we came a little bit late and the queue was omg! I like this summer limited series more compare to the previous years. I think it is so hipster and the graphics are so nice! (Sorry I'm a graphic designer so that's my first point oh lol). I personally like nautical and navy color scheme as well :p. Okay now to the collections!

Hey, Sailor!

Yeap as you can see there some of their things are sold out fast! Wow!
I do like the blushes, but I refused to buy them as I already have tons of blush in my stash. The lippies are nice too! And so sorry I have no time to swatch all because it was so crowded! O:

So what did I buy?
A red lip liner!

Throw Me a Line!

It is really nice, especially for those who have a dry lips like me haha. I like the red, it is not too red nor orange and it really defines my lips! I'm so happy that I bought this yeay 8D.

Here is my FOTD with the my new lip liner and I top it with MAC Cockney lipstick:

Hello 8D

And some photos from the launch party:


we got ourselves nice tattoos during the launch!

Joyce and me :3 we dress up nautically lol!

Ok I have some other stuffs that I want to share with you guys 8D First is...

L'arc~en~ciel concert on last May!
I'm a big fan of the band since I was in secondary (or even primary) school! And watching their concert live is one of my bucket list. It was TICKED last May! 8D8D8D8D


I went there with my classmate, Jia Jun, in the middle of my hectic FYP haha. It was an awesome night and I am so happy that I can't even express it 8D. And I wish they would like to come here again for another concert arghhhh >w<.

waiting for Hyde uh-oh!

Ups you can see my face was so...... ok I don't know how to say. I was very busy that time that I didn't have time to dress up and make up (my eye bag tells everything O__O). 

We signed on the banner yey!

and a polaroid!


Ok second is my graduation show!

Yeah that is my FYP also (: I made a breakup treatment kit haha!

Ok, thanks for reading guys!
Have an awesome weekend ahead (:



  1. great photos ;) like your blog, I'm newest follower! -
    perhaps you want to follow me back too? That would make me very happy!

    xoxo Pats.

    1. hello! Thanks for dropping by! and I've followed you back (:

  2. Nice!
    I love those tattoos xD
    Actually the whole sailor theme of the new MAC line looks really cool. Awesome packaging *_*

    1. yes yessss, aren't they?? Really can't resist, plus navy is one of my favorite color! 8D Thanks for reading (:

  3. What???? U watched it??? Why everyone leaved me with the concert??? ;(
    My bf also watched it cos I was at Thailand errr....
    Btw lovely makeup stuff u have hehehe

    1. Hahahahaha yeahhh, I bought the tix even before the selling day lol ;D They are holding a vote in the official website for the next concert venue. Let's choose SG! (or jakarta lol) Hehe, thanks for reading sweetie >w<

  4. Hi sweet lady! I found your blog via Drop Dead Cute's blog, and am SO GLAD that I did! I'm your newest follower! xoxo

    1. Hi sweetie! Thanks for dropping by +reading my blog + following me 8D! I've followed you back (: Nice to meet ya (:

  5. the mac makeup looks so pretty! you have a cute blog :)

    followed you xx

    1. hiii
      thank you for dropping by (: I've followed you back and nice to meet youu 8D

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  8. Whoa, love the event! o.o (And the tattoos are so amazing ahaha, love them!)

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